The 7th International VLBI Technology Workshop

Aonang Villa Resort, Krabi, Thailand

Aonang Villa Resort, Krabi, Thailand

Aonang Villa Resort, Krabi, Thailand

The 7th International VLBI Technology Workshop

Date:  November 12-15, 2018

Venue & Accommodation:  Aonang Villa Resort, Krabi, Thailand.

The Seventh International VLBI Technology Workshop will be hosted by NARIT, the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, and take place from November 12 to 15, 2018, at Aonang Villa Resort, Krabi, Thailand.


NARIT is in the process of establishing the Thai Radio Astronomy Observatory (TNRO) in Chiang Mai, which will host a new 40-m Radio Telescope and a 13.2-m VGOS station on the same site, expected to see first light in early 2020.


The International VLBI Technology Workshops have evolved from the highly successful 10-year series of International e-VLBI workshops. The scope of the technology workshops aims to encompass all areas of hardware and software development relevant to VLBI.


The seventh workshop in this series will feature (but not be limited to) traditional VLBI topics, such as receivers, backends, recording equipment, and e-transport. One day will be dedicated to correlators, for which we will also invite a number of experts from non-VLBI



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1.VLBI Registration
  • Aard Keimpema
  • Anastasios Tzioumis
  • Arpad Szomoru
  • Busaba Kramer
  • Christopher John Phillips
  • Cormac Reynolds
  • Evgeny Nosov
  • Ewan Barr
  • Guifre Molera Calves
  • Hariharan Krishnan
  • J. Anton Zensus
  • Jae-Hwan Yeom
  • Jan David Mol
  • Jeffrey Adam Hodgson
  • John Tuthill
  • Jun Yang
  • Leif Helldner
  • Leif Morten Tangen
  • Maria J. Rioja
  • Mark Martinus Kettenis
  • Masafumi Ishigaki
  • Michael Lindqvist
  • Nattaporn Thoonsaengngam
  • Phichet Kittara
  • Phrudth Jaroenjittichai
  • Praveen Kumar Dhankar
  • Roger Hammargren
  • Se-Jin Oh
  • Simone Bernhart
  • Spiro George Sarris
  • Thi Kim Ha Nguyen
  • Timothy John Natusch
  • Tomoaki Oyama
  • Uwe Bach
  • Voytsekh Ken
  • Weimin Zheng
  • Willem Adrianus BAAN
  • Yogeshkumar Dileepkumar Joshi
  • Zhong Chen
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