Lecture: Kinetic Theory of Collisionless plasma

2 Jul 2018, 11:00
San Pa Liang (Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel)

San Pa Liang

Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Jonathan Nichols (University of Leicester)


The motion of particles in E-M fields, pitch angle evolution and an intro to the fluid description of a plasma

Topics of Particle motion in steady electromagnetic fields include:
Motion in uniform and non-uniform steady B fields - gyration, mirror motion, first adiabatic invariant.
E_|| is usually zero
ExB drift
Frozen in flow
Gradient and curvature drifts
Briefly, effect of collisions - Pedersen and Hall currents, loss cone

Primary author

Jonathan Nichols (University of Leicester)

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