10-14 June 2024
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Warning: Scammers are contacting people in the name of CosmoGravitas. Please do not respond to those mail and disclose any personal information. You will be contacted directly by LOC cosmogrvitas.

An international avenue to bring together   experts in the fields of cosmology and gravity   to exchange cutting-edge ideas and explore   new horizons of research. This will include   recent progress and challenges in gravitational physics.

Upcoming next-generation surveys such as EUCLID, Square Kilometer Survey, LSST, etc. will be bringing new light to our understanding of the universe. The purpose of these surveys is to gain insight into the characteristics of hidden sectors of the universe. This will serve as a fresh experimental platform to test theories of gravity and will provide a much more accurate understanding of dark energy and dark matter. In the high-redshift domain, cosmic inflation is a promising scenario for explaining the early phase of our universe. Moreover, it also provides seeds for the formation of large-scale structures. However, we have not confirmed the cosmic inflation directly. Furthermore, the existence of the initial singularity in cosmology is not immune to inflationary paradigm and is, in fact, an artifact of applying general relativity to a region where it no longer holds and the quantum nature of space-time must be invoked.

Different approaches have been adopted to construct quantum theories of gravity. Among them background independent and  non-perturbative approach of quantization is drawing much attention recently. The early universe provides a great avenue to test the implications of quantum nature of spacetime with observation.

Gravitational wave detection also opened a new avenue for testing theories of gravity. There is a plethora of alternative theories of gravity motivated by both IR and UV completion of general relativity.

Challenges exist for testing alternative theories of gravity with gravitational waves. Gravitational waves also give us a new opportunity to learn about the cosmos. The development of numerical relativity also gives us the possibility to test the strong gravity regime from astrophysics to cosmology.

This conference seeks to bring together experts in the fields of cosmology and gravity to exchange ideas and explore new avenues of research. This will include recent progress and challenges in gravitational wave physics in the light of alternative theories of gravity and both early- and late-time cosmology. In particular, the following topics will be covered.

1. Early Universe
2. Dark Energy and Modified Gravity
3. Dark Matter
4. Gravitational Waves
5. Quantum cosmology

We plan to support accommodation or registration fee waiver (50% or 100 %) for some early postdocs and students. Under some rare circumstances both the supports can be given to the participants.   If you want to apply for it, please fill up the following form.

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The final decision will be taken by the organizing committee. Please upload a recommendation letter from your supervisor at the following link.

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