Proposal Submission


All applicants to the TNRT CfP in this cycle are requested to fulfill a following proposal application form (either word or pdf file) and to submit the fulfilled application form via e-mailing to  by the deadline: 30th November 2023 (16:00 UT).


Proposal application form: (Microsoft word) (PDF)


The application form consists of

  1. Cover-Sheet
  2. Scientific Justification (within 2 pages)
  3. Technical Justification (within 1 page)
  4. Figures and Tables (within 2 pages)
  5. Source List
  6. Privilege for Students (if you are applicable)

For more details, please confirm the contents of the application form file.


Requirements in fulfilling the proposal application form are

  2. Font size: 11 pt (except for the proposal title: 14 pt)

  3. Font format: Times (new roman)

  4. The file name: please replace the latter part of the proposal application file name "PINameGiven-FAMILY" with your name*.

* For example, if PI name is Karl JANSKY, the file name should be 

    Proposal_TNRTCfP0_Karl-JANSKY.docx (or pdf)


The subject line of an e-mail

In submitting the application form via e-mail, please write the subject line like below:

    Proposal to TNRT Cycle 0: [PI Name]


A confirmation e-mail

We will send you a confirmation e-mail that we have received your proposal. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within 48 hours, please contact us at the e-mail address 



If you have any questions about writing proposals based on the application form and submission of the proposals, please contact via e-mail.


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