Privilege for Students

NARIT and the TNRT Time Allocation Committee would like to offer a chance for students to apply for open-use observing time under a privilege program. This program is prepared to encourage students to apply for the telescope observing time with experiencing their proposal writing and deeply understanding a radio telescope itself with the data analysis skills in the process. In this privilege program, those proposals will be reviewed for being accepted in the viewpoint prior to other general proposals, with consideration of their contributions to address RSRO style CfP in this cycle, if the applicant is qualified in satisfying the following criteria for this program, 

  1. The applicant will need a letter of reference/consent from the applicant's academic supervisor. The proposal must be linked to and the data will be used for the applicant's research project with the applicant's thesis based on the observation results.

  2. The applicant is requested to describe the motivation why would like to apply for this privilege program in section "Privilege for Students" of your proposal.

  3. The applicant is strongly recommended to contact and collaborate with NARIT researchers and/or User support scientists (see "User Support" section) in the preparations of the applicant's proposals.