A concise workshop on the emergent field of "Freeform Optics" will introduce you to the entire life cycle of building a freeform surface. The participants will have a rare opportunity to learn and interact with the leading experts in various stages of creating freeform optics, starting from the design and simulation of a freeform surface (e.g., segments of metallic primary mirrors, lens, secondary and tertiary mirrors, image slicers, collimators, focusers, etc.), manufacturing, test and verification, assembly, and real-world applications. Furthermore, there will be a chance for the participants to present their own research, ongoing projects, and ideas via poster and contributed oral presentation as well. We encourage a wide range of participants to apply (Students from undergraduate to graduate levels, Postdocs, Scientists, Engineers, and Researchers, whose interests range from optics, electronics & mechanical engineering, astronomy, astrophysics, astronomical instrumentations, etc). So, we hope to see you all in Chiang Mai, and wish that this event would be a recurring theme in the future!

Chiang Mai