16 August 2018 to 3 September 2018
Asia/Bangkok timezone

Special terms for Junior Thai Researchers (TNT Only)

For the observing Cycle 6 (2018-2019), NARIT and the TNO Time Allocation Committee would like to offer a chance for young researchers in Thailand to apply for observing time under a special program. The qualified proposals will be considered for the scientific merits and will be competing for time allocation with applications under the same category only. The maximum total allocable time under this program is approximately 20% of the total number of nights available for scientific observation, and for Cycle 6, this will be approximately 30 nights. The purpose of this program is to encourage young Thai researchers to apply for TNO observing time and improving their proposal writing and data analysis skills in the process. The applicants are therefore encouraged to contact and collaborate with NARIT researchers in the preparations of their proposals and the analysis of their data however this is not compulsory.

The application is considered qualified if it satisfies the following criteria, the PI must also explicitly declare that he/she wishes to apply for observing time under this program in the application by selecting the corresponding option on the online observing application. Eligible applications must satisfy the the following criteria,

1) The PI must be either

     1.1) A Thai or foreign national working at Thai university or research institute other than NARIT and having completed his/her PhD degree no more than 3 years ago.

     1.2) A Thai or foreign postgraduate student enrolled at a Thai university. He/she will also need a letter of reference/consent from his/her academic supervisor. The proposal must be linked to and the data will be used for his/her research project.

    1.3) A faculty member (without a PhD degree) who engages in teaching of astronomy or astrophysics at a Thai university.

2) The fraction of total number of Thai affiliated Co-investigators + PI to the total number of PI+Co-I (Thai and foreign affiliated) must be more than 2/3.