Stopover talks

Two-point statistics for weak lensing and intensity maps

by Anut Sangka (ICG, U. of Portsmouth)

Ursa Major (AstroPark)

Ursa Major




The full sky observations always such as cosmic microwave background, galaxy survey always be powerful tracers to measure the properties of Universe. The traditional technique that has been used to measure such data is the 2-point statistics, namely, cross angular power spectra. Within the upcoming surveys such SKA and Euclid, it is the first time that we can fully utilise such technique on weak gravitational lensing and H1 intensity map. Once can consider that the mid-SKA HI as the foreground mass which can affect the light rays from Euclid’s galaxy redshifts. Here I will cover the 2-points statistic technique, its simulation results for pre and future SKA+Euclid surveys and finally what cosmological parameters would be measured from such technique.

Organized by

Utane Sawangwit