Variability Properties of Blazars

by Prof. Junhui Fan (CfA, Guangzhou University)

Meeting Room 1 (PB2-112) (Dept. of Physics & Material Science)

Meeting Room 1 (PB2-112)

Dept. of Physics & Material Science

Chiang Mai University

A special seminar by a visitor and a collaborator of NARIT's high-energy astrophysics and Cosmology group;


Prof. Junhui Fan

Centre for Astrophysics, Guangzhou University.

"Variability Properties of Blazars"


In this talk, we will present the classification of Fermi blazars based on the synchrotron peak frequency in the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of Fermi blazars and the discussions on “blazer sequence”. We will show the variability properties of blazars over different time scales and the beaming effect. We also show our optical monitoring of blazars and their periodicity analysis results.